A promotional documentary for a corporate social responsibility initiative (5do12.org) that focuses on fighting climate change.


A cinema verite documentary about the challenging job of telecommunication salesmen.


A fly on the wall mosaic-like documentary about the 47th October Salon, the largest contemporary art exhibition held in Serbia as well as all the seemingly invisible aspects of one such apparently calm event.
Envisioned by Europe’s heavy weight German curator Rene Block as his last statement, the machinery of workers, beaurocrats and world famous artist are there to really make the exhibition happen. When a camera is pointed toward such an event in present day post-war, transitional and timid Serbia, a humorous, witty and insightful story is told portraying artistic pursuit as an attempt to overcome the confusions of human condition.

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A docu-fiction story about young women’s coming of age in a heavily tabooed Roma community in southern Serbia. Shot on authentic locations with an entirely Roma/Gypsy non-actor cast.

Audience Award winner at Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival 2011 in Athens Greece.

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A documentary monodrama portraying an intimate and mournful love triangle between a son, a deceased father and an old-timer automobile.

Dad’s Car is author’s own monodrama investigating an intimate and mournful relationship with his deceased father.
An already complex father – son relationship becomes a love triangle when an inherited old-timer automobile is brought into the picture. The car is the father’s childhood dream come true, but for the son it is merely an in vain attempt to reestablish some contact with the deceased father.
How is one such emotionally valuable legacy to be dealt with, the son asks only to find out that some questions perhaps offer no answers.


A documentary portrait of the people of Punukula, one of the first villages in India to switch to organic farming as a way of overcoming a widespread agricultural crisis of farmers committing suicide due to indebtedness.


A short promotional documentary portrait of two brothers who took things into their own hands and opened up hostel named Montana, a place with a special vibe and good spirits.

Hostel Montana Kopaonik


A short promo documentary about a young entrepreneur who took his future in his own hands and started growing hemp. A part of the 3 part documentary series portraying young people in Serbia who took things in their own hands and started a business.


A meditative presentation of 11 gems of Belgrade’s architectural and cultural heritage.

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